Boys Programming Information


 SHOtime 8th grade Boys INFO

Age Groups

SHOtime currently offers 2 competitive travel teams for 8th grade boys. SHOtime Adidas Black and SHOtime regional Grey.

Seasons, Tryouts, &Team level

SHOtime 8th grade operates in the Spring & Summer. Tryouts are held in late February & early March.  Players who make the roster will be contact with-in 2 weeks. We try to create teams based on player skill level and tend to keep as many players based on available coaches.

Practices & Tournaments

Families can expect to have two 120 minute practices weekly, typically conducted around 6pm-8:00pm. Tournaments will mostly be in the Greater Kansas City Area and other locations within the Midwest. Families can expect to play a minimum of 3 tourneys a month, excluding June. (June reserved for High School team instruction.)

Program Fees

SHOtime Basketball Monthly player fees will be $125.  These fees cover gym rental, tournament entry fees, team insurance, and administration fees. (Lodging will be provided to athletes who need it) (PARENTS!!!, please notify us a month in advance if your athlete will need transportation and lodging) Players will be required to buy SBA uniform (Adidas reversible uniform, and shoes) for $150.

Playing Time

Our main priority is development and we want every player to play equal time. This will be dependent on practice, attitude, and work ethic. Each game may present it’s own unique challenges.  We highly encourage coaches to use sound wisdom, when it comes to playing time.

For more informational email Boys Director Michael Green at


 Teams: SHOtime Basketball Academy will offer high school programming for 15U & 16U, this Spring/Summer. ALL players choosing to tryout are being evaluated for placement on these teams.

Tryouts: Tryouts will be held on March 14th and March 16th. Parents will be contacted by phone to confirm roster offer.

Responsibilities: There will be expectations for athletes, parents, and coaches on and off the court.  Coaches will conduct themselves in a professional manner and be positive examples of role models for all SHOtime Basketball Academy athletes. We encourage families to support their athlete in a respectful manner. Please refrain displaying any disruptive behavior during the contest.  Allow referees to ref the game and most importantly allow coaches to coach the game. Coaches will be more than willing to discuss ways to help develop your athlete, but will not discuss coaching philosophy, playing time, and other athletes on the team.

Teams Fees: 15U & 16U has limited sponsorship with Adidas, which includes Adidas Gear & acceptance to participate in the Adidas Gauntlet Silver Circuit.

There will be a programming fee of $1000 for 15U & 16U. These fees will cover gym rental, tournament cost, team insurance, & administration cost (Lodging and travel will be provided to athletes who need them).(Families!!!, Please let us know a month in advance if your athlete will need a ride and lodging.) Families please remember this is an investment in your athlete’s future. The platform we have created will allow your athlete to gain tremendous exposure, which could lead to future scholarships. ($500 due by April 1stand June 1st. ),

Commitment: Athletes can plan on practicing and playing on weekends, following tryouts throughout May. June is reserved for High-School team instruction. We will resume and finish in July. Schedules will be emailed to families who have accepted a roster position.

Questions about Boy’s SHOtime programming, please contact Michael Green at