will my child receive one on one training at shotime?

Yes! Personal training is key at SHOtime and a huge part of our success. Your child will receive individual skill work, team tactical skills, basic basketball IQ and character development. 


what are some of the skills they will acquire?

Skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • Crucial tips to becoming a great shooter and ball-handler.
  • Footwork to better position yourself to be successful.
  • How to pass and use your feet to become a better passer.
  • Offensive moves, counter moves and attacking screens with the ball.
  • Defense and how to become a tenacious ball defender.
  • Rebounding and how to anticipate the ball off the rim
  • How to move and get open without the ball.  Cutting and Screening.




why does my child need this?

With many youth and school basketball teams, the trend over the past few years has been to play as many games as you can.  Games are important to skill development but your child needs a healthy dose of game time and one on one practice time.  Practice time gives your child the opportunity to focus on just their game, touch the ball more and have more instruction versus game time where your child won’t get as many touches.  With more touches, your child becomes a better basketball player.

Our mission is to teach necessary skills to all players, creating a well-rounded basketball player and individual that will continue on with the ability to be successful in the game of life.


how much does it cost?

You won't find pricing like ours anywhere else! Check out our competitive pricing here, or contact us!